A Short History

In 1957 The Midwest Showmen's Association was founded by a small group of men involved in the indoor/outdoor amusement profession in the area. They saw a need for a social and fraternal organization, which would give them an opportunity to meet in a common place during the off-season, provide a social outlet, and an exchange of ideas that would be beneficial to all. The membership today is comprised of carnival owners, game and ride owners, food concessionaires, entertainers and associates involved in the indoor/outdoor amusement profession.

"Our Wealth lies in our charities"

The Midwest showmen's Association motto "Our wealth lies in our charities" reflects the direction the club has taken over the years. In 1992 the Midwest Showmen's Association Scholarship fund was established at the annual meeting. In 1993 the name was changed to The Midwest Showmen's Clem Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund. The fund continues to grow from donations and fundraisers, enabling it to expand from two scholarships the first year to thirteen scholarships in 2014. The Clem Smith Memorial Scholarships are open for application from the general public.

The Bruce Sellner Memorial Charities Fund was founded in 1996. The fund has contributed to multiple formal charities and individuals in need. Pledges, fundraisers, and an annual golf tournament help this fund continue to grow.

Both the Clem Smith Memorial Scholarship Fund and the Bruce Sellner Memorial Charities Fund were transferred to the newly formed Midwest Showmen's Foundation. This non-profit foundation's tax-exempt status has helped expand fundraising for both funds.

The Midwest Showmen's Association also maintains the Showmen's Rest located at the Lakewood Cemetery.